The Nasal Aspirator Every Mom Needs

There is nothing worse than seeing your baby struggle and not being able to do anything to help. Whether they are having trouble feeding, they are sick, or they are colicky, it is hard to figure out what is going wrong and how to help.

Did you know that your baby might be feeling extra uncomfortable and frustrated while feeding and sleeping due to congestion in their nasal cavity, even if they are not sick?

Babies and toddlers have very congested noses due to their small nasal passages. This does not always mean that they are ill, but it does make them uncomfortable and affects how they are breathing, eating, and sleeping. In the first few months of life, babies are “obligate nose breathers” meaning that they preferentially breathe through their noses. This is an evolutionary adaptation to aid in feeding. All of this frustration during feedings and sleep affects their mood and makes them more irritable and frustrated, causing even more stress for tired parents.

There are many side effects for babies and children who continuously breathe through their mouths due to obstructed nasal airways, including:

  • slower than the normal growth rate
  • irritability
  • increased crying episodes at night
  • large tonsils
  • dry, cracked lips
  • problems concentrating at school
  • daytime sleepiness


BreatheEase is the easiest and safest solution for the baby's nasal congestion. it has been proved that it has been great to moms especially to their first newborn babies.